The True Guardians

90′ / 4K UHD / 5.1

Year of Release:

Shot in Botswana, Suriname, USA (California, Utah, Arizona), Australia, Vanuatu, The Arctic Circle, Europe

While living in harmony with Nature has been our default status for millennia, we have come to lose it in the last centuries.

For the first time in a feature-length documentary, the last Bushmen of the Kalahari, the Navajo in Arizona, the Wayana in Suriname, the Aboriginal in Australia, the Inuit in the Arctic Circle, and other indigenous tribes act as an example of how we could turn the ongoing events of destroying our planet around.

These so-called “first nations” are often still considered undeveloped societies. Yet, they have a knowledge about our planet that surpasses our modern perception by far. But instead of using it together, we hang on to our misguided path and push them more and more into extinction.

Returning to a nature-oriented mindset can benefit all of us. It is an urgent change of behavior we must endeavor, even without a significant loss of lifestyle. Assuming we are all willing to connect with Nature again.


Christian Machacek (Writer/Director)
Klemens Hallmann (Producer)
Edwin Wendler (Composer)
Cornelia Machacek (Line Producer)
Daniel Myburg (Co-Producer)
Onthatile Bojosi Mokgwaphe (Additional Photography)
Neeltjie Bower (Service Provider)

Production Company

Hallmann Entertainment Company