The True Guardians

90′ / 4K UHD / 5.1

Year of Release:

Shot in Botswana, Suriname, USA (California, Utah, Arizona), Australia, Samoa, Greenland, Indonesia, Europe

As the world grapples with the environmental challenges of the 21st century, “The True Guardians” is the first feature documentary that visits more than five indigenous tribes around the globe and serves as an inspiring testament to the ancient knowledge they possess and the crucial lessons we can learn from them.

The film unfolds as a cinematic odyssey, immersing audiences in indigenous communities’ diverse landscapes and cultures spanning from the Amazon Rainforest to the Arctic Tundra, from the Australian Outback to the African Savannah.

These so-called “first nations” are often still considered undeveloped societies. Yet, they have a knowledge about our planet that surpasses our modern perception by far. But instead of using it together, we hang on to our misguided path and push them more and more into extinction.

The tribes featured exemplify sustainable living, showcasing regenerative agriculture, traditional healing methods, and resource conservation practices, maintaining a delicate balance between human existence and the ecosystems they inhabit.

But the documentary also delves into the challenges these indigenous communities face due to the encroachment of modernization, deforestation, climate change, and loss of cultural heritage. Through interviews with tribal members and scientists, the film explores the critical importance of preserving and learning from indigenous knowledge to address the global environmental crisis.

The film serves not only as a stark reminder of the ongoing threats to our planet but also as a beacon of hope and a call to action. By highlighting indigenous cultures’ resilience, wisdom, and interconnectedness, the documentary inspires audiences to re-examine their own lifestyles and embrace a more sustainable and harmonious relationship with the Earth.

“The True Guardians” challenges viewers to consider how preserving indigenous wisdom can serve as a blueprint for a collective global effort to restore balance, protect biodiversity, and forge a sustainable future for future generations. It is a compelling testament to the idea that by reconnecting with Nature and learning from those who have lived in harmony with it for centuries, we can forge a path towards a more sustainable and regenerative world – and, therefore, survive.


Christian Machacek (Writer/Director)
Klemens Hallmann (Producer)
Edwin Wendler (Composer)
Cornelia Machacek (Line Producer)
Daniel Myburg (Co-Producer)
Onthatile Bojosi Mokgwaphe (Additional Photography)
Neeltjie Bower (Service Provider/Botswana)
Laila Vivian Petersen (Service Provider/Greenland)
Jupta Itoewaki (Service Provider/Suriname)
Rob Siagian (Service Provider/Indonesia)
Marjory Gray (Service Provider/USA)

Production Company

Hallmann Entertainment Company