85′ / Cinema 4K / Dolby Atmos, 5.1

Year of Release:

Shot in more than 100 countries

Hallmann Entertainment Company and Magic Entertainment are proud to announce DREAMSCAPES, a new international documentary narrated by KATE WINSLET.

In a highly unconventional, almost poetic way, the film DREAMSCAPES shows in spectacular scenes the beauty and diversity of Mother Earth in time and motion. The film is scheduled for release in Autumn of 2024.

DREAMSCAPES is a United Earth Project captured by over 250 of the most talented video artists in more than 100 countries around the globe. The epic visual journey is accompanied by a monumental film soundtrack that allows the viewer to experience the images even more intensely.


Academy Award® winner Kate Winslet states:
“I was delighted to be asked to capture the voice of Mother Earth. It’s very special to be a part of something that doesn’t focus just on the declining world, but instead gives prominence to the beauty and diversity of our miraculous planet and gives a moment for us to pause and reflect on the importance of preserving its uniqueness. With these wonderful images and evocative music, the film is a magical immersive experience.”
DREAMSCAPES is a gripping visual tale where we embark on a journey from below sea-level to outer space. A vast amount of the most beautiful landscapes, fascinating animals, and natural treasures are presented in this ambitious production. Time-lapse photography elevates our perception to a new dimension. Camera-drones lift us up in the air and show us Earth from a birds-eye view. And high-speed photography makes processes visible that would usually stay unseen.
The project was an enormous undertaking. Producer Klemens Hallmann comments: “Bringing together so many talented people from many different countries was a real challenge and resulted in a multi-year editing and music composing process. I am particularly proud that we were able to engage Kate Winslet as our voice of Mother Earth. To have an internationally renowned actress supporting our project, we feel, has added to the gravity and uniqueness of the piece. Kate also understands and values the natural world just as much as we do, which was deeply important for us, alongside the many other people who helped to build a film with a lot of heart and soul.”
Accompanied by monumental film score composed by Edwin Wendler, the film is a fascinating work that makes viewers look at Mother Earth again with childlike wonder.
The participation of the Vienna Boys Choir and the Vienna Girls Choir in the multi-layered soundtrack is a joint international debut of this kind. This year, the Vienna Boys Choir is celebrating its 525th anniversary. Children from 24 nations are currently singing in the choir whose tradition and education are part of the UNESCO cultural heritage. Having one of the most famous and best choirs in the world as a partner is just another guarantee for the quality of this film production. Klemens Hallmann is a supporter of the Vienna Girls Choir and is actively committed to their visibility and equal opportunities.
DreamScapes unites writer and director Christian Machacek and producer Klemens Hallmann again after traveling together on all continents for several outstanding international productions such as “Breathtaking” or “Beer-tastic!” to tell extraordinary stories. Patrick Knapp-Schwarzenegger supports this movie as executive producer.
The film is completed and is scheduled for a limited festival-circuit and a cinema release in 2024.
A true one-of-a-kind movie experience – in Cinema 4K and state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos – for people of all ages, and from all corners of this planet.

Christian Machacek (Writer/Director)
Klemens Hallmann (Producer)
Edwin Wendler (Composer)
Dennis S. Sands (Score Mixer)
Cornelia Machacek (Line Producer)
Patrick Knapp-Schwarzenegger (Executive Producer)
Larissa Kamtner (Co-Writer)
Rudolf Pototschnig (Sound Design)

Production Company

Hallmann Entertainment Company