Der Onkel / The Hawk


Year of Release:


Mike Bittini, gambler and bon viveur, returns to his brothers’ home and family after many years of absence. His rather unexpected visit has a reason: his brother Sandro, a celebrity lawyer, is in a coma – and Sandros’ wife Gloria and the kids Niki (13) and Stefanie (17) are in a state of emergency. Mike decides to help the family in need – but not without an ulterior motive. He creeps into their home like the hawk into the henhouse and stirs things up properly. The Hawk comes to help, causes chaos, and eventually finds love.


Michael Ostrowski (Writer/Director)
Helmut Köpping (Writer/Director)
Wolfgang Thaler (Director of Photography)
Alarich Lenz (Schnitt)
Peter Wirthensohn(Producer)
Tommy Pridnig(Producer)
Florian Gebhardt(Producer)
Klemens Hallmann(Producer)

Production Companies

Lotus-Film GmbH
Gebhardt Productions GmbH
Film House Germany AG
Hallmann Entertainment Company GmbH