Deals and Visions

90′ / 4K UHD / 5.1

Year of Release:

Shot in USA, Europe

A story about ideas, money, failure, and the hunt for the next big hit. An intimate portrait on producing today’s entertainment.

A documentary about the challenges that come with producing today’s entertainment: those who made it in Hollywood share their personal experience on how to survive in this extremely demanding industry. Continually dealing with rejection and failure, these movie producers expose what it takes to succeed when the whole world is seemingly against you and what makes it all pay off in the end.


Barbara Meier (Host)
Christian Machacek (Writer/Director)
Klemens Hallmann (Producer)
Cornelia Machacek (Line Producer)
Johann Zimmermann (Editor)
Nicolas Werner (Post-Production Supervisor)
Larissa Kamtner (Sound Design)

Production Company

Hallmann Entertainment Company