10x 52′ / 4K UHD / 5.1

Year of Release:

Shot in more than 20 countries
Documentary Series

Embark on an extraordinary voyage of discovery with the groundbreaking documentary series BREATHTAKING. This one-of-a-kind production takes viewers on a mesmerizing journey, offering a fresh and awe-inspiring perspective on the diverse tapestry of countries, cultures, and creatures that inhabit our planet.

BREATHTAKING stands out by revealing the extraordinary and the unusual, presenting viewers with mind-bending facts that challenge preconceptions, spark a sense of wonder, and invite them to see our planet through a new lens. Throughout its riveting episodes, the series explores the hidden gems and peculiarities of nations, uncovering the fascinating stories that often escape the mainstream narrative.

Through visually stunning cinematography and captivating storytelling, BREATHTAKING showcases the incredible diversity of cultures worldwide and sheds light on the remarkable adaptations and behaviors of unique creatures. The series introduces viewers to the extraordinary traditions, rituals, and lifestyles that define different societies, breaking down stereotypes and fostering a deeper understanding of our global community.

The series spans three years of production and over 300 shooting days across 20 countries. 10x 52′ Limited Series.


Christian Machacek (Writer/Director)
Klemens Hallmann (Producer)
Cornelia Machacek (Line Producer)
Harro von Have (Executive producer)
Norbert Blecha (Co-Producer)
Edwin Wendler (Composer)
Daniel Myburg (B-Camera)
Johann Zimmermann (Additional Music)
Ali Raza (VFX Supervisor)

Production Company

Hallmann Entertainment Company